Why coming to Venice in November could be the best choice for your holidays

Venice can be called a treasure for the human race: demanding to keep it as a hidden gem for a lucky few is a utopia.

And, in the end, it would also be unethical to try to prevent anyone from enjoying the most popular and magical city in the world at least once.

But the result of this, without a doubt, is that Venice at certain times of the year can be annoyingly full of tourists. Even if the city knows how to offer to those who know it hidden itineraries and corners still little known and frequented even during the carnival or the Easter holidays.

Venice: when to book

But often it is enough to plan your vacation at the right time and Venice will offer a relaxing, peaceful stay, and full of a different magic, more intimate and surreal, in which the streets are often little frequented and the companies get together mostly in the heat of welcoming taverns.

November is the right time for those who want to enjoy relaxation and tranquility, ideal for enjoying the artistic and cultural masterpieces that Venice offers without too many queues or crowds in public transport.

Venice in Novembre: best offers

And if you are looking for a family atmosphere with the standards of a first-class hotel, you can consider staying in our B&B.

Here are our offers for November

Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know your special wishes: We will be glad to support you in the organization of your stay.

  1. 3 night-stay Suite 201 – € 800

This packet includes a 3-night stay in our suite 201

  1. meals (Starter, first or second course, dessert – drinks excluded)
  2. 4 night-stay Suite 201 € 1.000

This packet includes a 4-night stay in our Suite 201

  1. meals (Starter, first or second course, dessert – drinks excluded)
  2. 5 night-stay Suite 201 – € 1.200

This packet includes a 5 night-stay in our Suite 201

  1. meals (Starter, first or second course, dessert – drinks excluded)

4. 6 night-stay Suite 201 – € 1.350

This packet includes a 6 night-stay in our Suite 201

6 meals (Starter, first or second course, dessert – drinks excluded)

The prices shown include TVA.

City tax € 4/person/night is not included and is to be paid apart.

This proposals do not include minibar comsumptions.

Special requests might be subjected to extra charges.

Photo by cocoparisienne da Pixabay

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